08 12 2016 Green power: a fast-growing reality in Italy, covering now 35% of the domestic energy needs.

Renewable energy is growing stronger. Opportunities for investors lies especially in R&D, management of plants (highest in term of profitability), sustainable housing and connected services. In this respect the most renown Italian daily business newspaper Il Sole 24 ore, recently reported:

“At global level, renewable sources in 2015 reached a new record, with over €290 billion invested globally (up 21% on 2014), more than twice as much the €130 billion invested in fossil fuels. In Italy, investment rose to over €2 billion, compared to €1.5 billion the previous year. Renewables have a solid presence in the Italian market, contributing 35% to domestic energy needs. In 2010-2015, Italy produced clean energy for over 23 gigawatts, nearly half of total 50 gigawatts from total renewable energy sources, moving investment for over €50 billion. […] A third of green plants in Italy is composed by hydro-electric, a third by solar panels, and the remainder by wind, biomass and geothermal. The number of wind power plants installed in Italy increased strongly in 2015, after stalling the previous year, with €670 million invested, followed by solar power with €560 million, hydropower with €510 million and biomass generation with €310 million.”

Italian startups are focusing on green as well. Recent survey shows that almost 500 startup companies (1 out of 10 Italian startups) are involved in the field of renewable energy (and according to the Italian business registers the companies are mostly located in the northern regions of Italy). These two factors combined shall not be underestimated, considering the total amount of investment in startups this year raised up to €182 million (marking +24% from 2015) with the government aim to reach €1 billion in 2020.