09 08 2016 The President of the Supreme People’s Court (SPC) addressed the environmental issues in relation with the trial system.

The head of China's highest court during one of his public speech has addressed the audience, in order to promote the effective protection of the rights and interests of people in terms of the environment.

We are looking forward to seeing following developments. Nevertheless, the importance of such statement itself should be not ignored. Here following a recap of the speech which reveals a brand new point of view on the topic.

Zhou Qiang, president of the Supreme People's Court (SPC), made the remarks when attending a seminar on promoting trials involving the environment and resources on July 27.

Zhou said that trials about the environment and natural resources play a vital role in the judicial system and are important to ecological protection and green development.

Over the past years, courts at various levels in China have been implementing a basic policy of resources conservation and environmental protection, said Zhou, adding that some fruitful results have been achieved.

Zhou said the adjudication tribunals for environment and resources in the supreme court are faced with unprecedented challenges since people's demands for a better environment are rapidly growing.

He called for professionalism, through reform and research, in dealing with cases in these areas.

We should promote a combination of theory and real practices, said Zhou, calling for better understanding of new problems in this sector.

During the seminar, Zhou also talked about cases concerning carbon emission trading, green finance and biodiversity protection.