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  • 30 07 2018    Compliance Requirements in Foreign Trade (LAW)

    “Enterprises engaged in foreign trade should abide by the laws and regulations on trade control and prohibition of transactions enacted by countries (regions) and international organizations with which bilateral business has been established to avoid risks. Special attention should also be paid to trade restrictions and trade remedy investigations including anti-dumping, countervailing, and safeguard measures and others, for all these shall affect Chinese-funded enterprises or may affect Chinese-funded enterprises.” On May 25th ,2018 the EU 679 Regulation came into force. The regulation, known as GDPR (namely, “General Data Protection Regulations”) has exerted great significance in protecting the trust of those who entrust their data so far. On one hand, it protects the rights of individuals in the use of personal data, in the wake of the fundamental nature recognized by the Treaty of Lisbon; on the other hand, it also removes obstacles in the way of circulation of personal data within the EU (more details in the news published on June 29th, 2018). In such conditions, Chinese companies, especially those multinational ones which have already run the business in the EU market, should check the compliance in their users/ clients’ data protection measures promptly and in the meanwhile, amend and improve relevant regulations under the help of certain professional lawyers and the results should be released the first time on the official websites.
  • 20 07 2018    China’s NDRC (National Development and Reform Commission) solicits opinions on guidelines of compliance management in enterprises’ overseas operation (LAW)

    The National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) in China announced on July 5 that it would solicit public opinions on guidelines of compliance management in enterprises’ overseas operation. The move is aimed at providing better services for enterprises which have overseas business and promoting them to constantly improve their compliance management capability. After China’s telecom equipment giant ZTE Corporation was issued a product ban by the US government, the NDRC’s move was designed to prevent more Chinese companies from suffering the same fate. Chinese companies, especially multinational Chinese companies operating in overseas markets, shall conduct a comprehensive review of whether their compliance management work is lagging or not in recent days. NDRC points out that compliance management in enterprises should ensure full legality with comprehensive law compliance throughout the whole process in their foreign trade、overseas investments and operations as well as in the engineering projects abroad. Compliance management is the prerequisite for enterprises to maintain steady overseas operation and keep global competitiveness.  
  • 10 07 2018    Grand Opening: SACE SIMEST Shanghai – Sincerely Inviting The Picozzi & Morigi Law Firm to Take Part in the Opening Ceremony (PRESS)

    At the invitation of SACE (Italian Foreign Trade Insurance Service Company, affiliated to CDP Group), The Picozzi & Morigi Law Firm participated in the opening ceremony of SACE & SIMEST Shanghai Joint Office (the scale 10th in the world and the second office opened in the Far East after the 2006 Hong Kong office). Mr. Beniamino Quinteri, Chairman of SACE, attended the ceremony and delivered a speech. He believes that Asia and China occupy an important position in the future development of the organization. After setting up an office in Shanghai, it is expected that the business volume in China will double to nearly 2 billion euros (in 2017 alone, SACE in Asia has a business volume of 1.9 billion euros, and it is involved in transaction globally for around 17 billion euros). The purpose of opening an office in Chinese mainland is to promote Italian direct investment in China, and to consolidate SACE's previous cooperation with SINOSURE (China's credit insurance giant) and China Export-Import Bank(CEXIM); while at